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Posted on: January 28, 2011

Indeed I am, especially when you look to see that last year I blogged once, and that was to say I hadn’t blogged since the year before. I don’t have any real excuse either, apart from last year was a very bad year for me, it started very badly, and I think I just carried that all the way through.
So far though this year is amazingfull. I haven’t felt this happy and content for I don’t know how long, and the biggest thanks goes to Nik for putting up with me, and supporting me though the ruff times.
My little etsy shop has been ticking over nicely, and I am trying really hard to make up new bags to upload when I can. Here are a couple of things I uploaded last week, which include a couple of awesomely geeking cushions
My creation
I have quite a few little plans to try out with the shop this year, and also plan on finally finishing off and uploading my sock design to ravelry, it only needs alittle tweeking and a explanation of the symbols.
But tonights update comes with awesomeness filled craftyness, that is Sofie and I (with alittle help from Nik too) made crayons woohoo, I want to make more but need to go and buy supplies booooooooo.


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