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Indeed I am, especially when you look to see that last year I blogged once, and that was to say I hadn’t blogged since the year before. I don’t have any real excuse either, apart from last year was a very bad year for me, it started very badly, and I think I just carried that all the way through.
So far though this year is amazingfull. I haven’t felt this happy and content for I don’t know how long, and the biggest thanks goes to Nik for putting up with me, and supporting me though the ruff times.
My little etsy shop has been ticking over nicely, and I am trying really hard to make up new bags to upload when I can. Here are a couple of things I uploaded last week, which include a couple of awesomely geeking cushions
My creation
I have quite a few little plans to try out with the shop this year, and also plan on finally finishing off and uploading my sock design to ravelry, it only needs alittle tweeking and a explanation of the symbols.
But tonights update comes with awesomeness filled craftyness, that is Sofie and I (with alittle help from Nik too) made crayons woohoo, I want to make more but need to go and buy supplies booooooooo.


Yes I am a bad blogger……..

It has been a rough year so far, with a rampage of bad news at the begining of the year, but as I am finally getting through all that, things are kinda looking up. Next week the three of us are off back to Paris woop, disney Land this time just for a few days, but it’s going to be sooo much fun.

On the crafting front, I haven’t done much spinning at all recently, in some kind of attempt to knit more of my stash of yarn before creating anymore. I can’t say that this is working very well, as I keep getting too tempted by beautiful sock yarn, and now even the occationally bit of lace (yes I really said lace) I have been knitting a secret project for Nik’s mum’s birthday, (ok not so secret if you come along to knitting on a Tuesday evening) she is turning 60 this year, so I thought I would knit something special for her.

I have also done alot of sewing recently, I have made a few large bags on commission woop, and recently made some project bags which I designed myself.
Some of which can be found on the Squishy Stars Etsy site with these two being the latest uploads
I love this Liquorice Allsorts fabric, it was such an awesome find, I don’t know if it is possible to buy anywhere now, as Nik found it amongst his mum’s fabric stash, and she let me have it yeay. I still have quite a bit of this fabric, so it could turn up in lots of other little things too.

Well thats as much as I can be bothered to update today, I have abit more knitting to do before knitting club tonight, if your about pop to Starbucks in the Hayes from 5pm tonight 🙂

I haven’t updated in quite awhile, I must admit I have been having life issues which I am sure we all go through at sometime. Although sometimes I feel that too many things get in the way/cause problems for me than is average in a life time.
I won’t go into detail with all the problems, I can’t imagine anyone being interested in that stuff.
But what I can update about, is our dog Willow had a puppy 🙂
We were all quite surprised, as none of us thought she was pregnant, but she had a very healthy looking boy on Friday the 6th November. He is the cutest thing in the world, and now I kinda wish we could keep him but I can’t

I have been doing lots of knitting recently, although the progress has been slow on some of it, I finished my cardigan that I was working on which can be found here on ravelry and I have also knit lots of socks :). I seem to be on a big sock kick recently, and a big sock yarn horder, most of my sock yarn problems stem from becoming friends with Sarah her yarn is like crack and I am very much addicted, I also have no idea how many months/years it will take me to knit all these socks up.
Going on with socks, I keep reading all this buzz about the Wollmeise yarn, I have slightly stalked the shop and received a shipment, its very nice. I love that it comes in 150g hanks, it should mean that I can get more than 2 pairs of socks from them. As I love short socks, I hardly ever go over the 50g mark so I am super excited to see how many pairs I can get.

On Ravelry I have been in 2swaps recently and got both gifts with a week of each other which was really awesome. The first was the indie yarn swap (you shouls come and join us) I was allowed to run in this round, and although small it went on without a hitch. Everyone received parcels and everyone is really happy with what they got.
this is my awesome haul from the ever lovely Siri
Second I joined the books and more swap, and had another awesome parcel this time from the lovely Kayla
I am always so impressed with how thoughtfull and wonderfull the people on Ravelry are.
Right now I need to actually go do a bunch of stuff, and stop wasting time, I think I shall start by making a list of what I actually need to get done.

I procastinate way too much. Honestly, I mean I am ment to be making a needle wrap for Neek right now, I have cut all the pieces, then got on to ravelry. I put one length through the machine, and I was back on ravelry, and mooching around the internet. I am sure I am ment to be doing something else this morning as well, but I keep finding other things to do instead.
I have been doing things though, even though they are not in the right order. The beautiful cardi I am making, is kinda on hold, and I don’t know why I have less than a sleeve to do for it to be finished. But I keep putting it down to knit some more socks, I finished the ones I was working on in Paris, they came out beautifully.
the pattern is Kiila and I have now fallen in love with toe up socks, and Yarnissima’s designs. I recently finished another of her patterens, although with different yarn, that I was not very impresed with. I think I have been completely spoilen with yarn when I started knitting with Babylonglegs yarn. And although I am easyly swayed by colour, or by comments from others about how wonderful a yarn is, this “other” yarn, really did not impress me. I am now left wondering why people are so very taken with it.
Anyway more proof of my procastinating comes in the lack of spinning, and making things, I made a project bag for Neeks swap partner in the day of the dead swap he has joined, but boy did it take me sooooooooooooooo much longer than it need to, I kept putting it off for days.
it does look good though, and I even dyed some yarn in her favorite colours.
Now I think I am going to find some other stuff to do, before its too late, I am ment to be at the school at 1-30 today for harvest festival, and I don’t think Sofie will forgive me if I don’t turn up.

(oh on another note, well kinda conected, I have joined the knit love club, by socktopus, now bearing in mind what I said above about another dyer, I am ignoring all that because it sounds amazingly fun and awesomeness)

Ok it actually started off abit rubbish as Neek went to Cambridge for a wedding, and well I really missed him. But it gave me the chance to have a whole weekend with Sofie, that amazingful girl who is my daughter. I might have been nearing the end of my teather by the end of the holidays, but since she has gone back to school, and back to a more regular routine, its been fantastic.
Sat we went to watch Cloudy with a chance of meatballs, it was pretty good actually, and we had such a giggle. Sunday Sofie had her first session with Jumping Dragons netball team, and she did so very very well. Sofie scored two goals, and so her team won, I am so very happy and so very proud of her.

So we spent the weekend in Paris and it was simply amazingful, I pretty much had one real goal to accomplish while we were there and that was to knit ontop of the Eiffel Tower. Of course we first went to London to catch the Eurostar, we spent the day in London and went to the science museum, and to be perfectly honest I really wasn’t all that impressed. There were a few pretty cool things to see, but as far as things to do for the Sofie I was really underwellemed. I think she had more fun finding the crocs shop.
We did find an awesome little veggie place to eat, called Food for Thought, where I had the most yummy plum crumble mmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Friday ended up being a very long day, but so worth it. We left on the Eurostar pretty early, and arrived in Paris in time for breakfast. We spent the day wondering around visiting lots of beautiful places and knitting everywhere.
Which ended with knitting on the Eiffel tower, woohoo. I also got to have a wee on the Eiffel tower, which also made my day 🙂
this is the view over Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower, with the Sock that I have been knitting. Points for anyone who can guess what pattern I have been knitting.

And well thats about as much as I can be bothered updating today, im still tired.

I have been throughally hacked off lately, for weeks infact for lots of reasons. Starting with the trip to Cornwall, I can tell you now although Cornwall is very pretty place, there is nothing really NOTHING to do in Truro. I might as well slipped into a black hole I probably would have found more to do there. The only up side of the visit was going to sleep listing to the sheep going baaaaa, honestly this is how far away the sheep were from our room.
I really hate being organised by other people too, but I won’t go into all the hassle of trying to comply with 6other peopls wishes.
The turning point of the trip was finding this beautiful old mill hidden away, there were teapots in the trees for some reason, I don’t really care why, they just looked beautiful
and a giant willow spider in the trees too

Other things to annoy me recently include my dad completely forgetting my birthday, he has now gone on holiday with some woman, that is only his friend because he buys her things. I think he has run out of money already as he called me this morning asking for the banks phone number. I am so pissed off with him, and he has even been told by my daughter when my birthday was, and my mum.
Talking about her, she came to see me a few days after my birthday. But of course my sister decided she should spend they day with mum instead, so I never got to see her at all. I am probably over reacting but I just wish that they could have showed me that they cared about me and not themselves for once
I currently feel completely hacked off and unloved

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